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Accutec Technology

We become appallingly obvious that has exceed our humanity. We imported proffessional CNC Machine from Europeon based on advanced tool - making Technology & Equipment.

Quality is Our Legacy

Our firm belief is that the final product on reaching the customer should be of excellent quality (zero defects), which is achieved by the systems laid down by the company and are adhered to fully.

Quality System

Our Quality System adhere at the following stages - Identification of Raw Material as per specifications, Satge wise inspections, Visual & Dimentional Inspections.

Team of Technocrats

The rapid pace of technological process owes itself to the highly professional team of technocrats running the industry, who have translate their ideas and commitments in providing services to their valued customers.

Leadership - Vision into Reality

Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into reality. Our goal is to maintain ahead of technology and continuously build capabilities to bring practical applications of global knowledge to india, which in turn satisfies the growth of our clients through the latest products and equipment.

Commitment to Support

A commitment to support till end - Every tool you purchase is sure to perform to it's commitment, gives you excellent cutting & performance along with long life and all this at a small price! so small that you don't have to hesitate throw away the used tools & buying the new tools, for the quality cutting of your wood job. Best work, more work bring you more profit and keeps you smiling.
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We are ISO Certified Company and leading manufacturer of wooden tools. Over The years, Accutec has been making massive investments in the most advanced technology in European CNC machine equipment and in innovative software to manufacture wood working cutting tools. Further , Accutec has hire highly skilled engineers and operators to manage the production operations. The result, the entire woodworking cutting tool manufacturing process is completely automated.