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Accutec Tooling System. With Head Quarter in Gujarat - India Is A Leading Manufacturer of TCT and PCD Quality Toolings.

Accutec Specialize in the Manufacturing of High Quality TCT and PCD Raw Material Brazed and Replaceable Toolings for Panel Processing and Solid Wood Industry.

High Quality Standard Tooling is manufacturing in one of The Best Tool Room with Complete European Automatic Machineries.

Major Part of High Quality European Raw Material With Mass Production Capacity Accutec Have Biggest Dealer Network With Prime Dealers World Wide.

Accutec Products Spectrum Include Entire Range of Tooling For Solid Wood and Panel Processing To Every Need of Complete Furniture Making.

A Quality Tooling Can Do Its Best if Service and Maintain it With Regular Schedule. Therefore Accutec Provide Sales & Service Centers in Metros City of India For Expert Reconditioning of All Tooling.

After Sales of Tooling Accutec Provide Best Support For Your Informative Needs. That's Why From last 25 Year Accutec Truly Called Leader of Market.

We produce innovative products and customised solutions for the latest-generation machining centres The tools we create are the end result of a process of daily communication with customers and suppliers, and of the experience and technical skills that we use to satisfy real production requirements. This factor has led to Accutec being selected as a key technical partner by a number of industry-leading companies.

INNOVATION partnership & development At Accutec, the drive for innovation affects every sector of the business. The stars of this process are the company’s avant-garde machines and systems, and the skilful workers that run them. Continuous investment in new technologies is fundamental, as these are used in the research, design, development and manufacture of Accutec products. The fortunate pairing of man and machine, of ideas and applications, is the source of our most innovative tools.

QUALITY is the starting point for Accutec, and represents our unwavering commitment to excellence across all sectors.Every stage of the industrial process, from initial conception to final production, is subjected to rigorous testing. This meticulous operation blends manufacturing and control phases and is designed to ensure the functionality and safety of all products, each of which goes through thorough inspection on the test bench. This system is extended to all of our services, allowing us to consistently increase quality levels and experiment with new technologies.

TECHNOLOGIES The wide range of tecnologies and equipment of our machins allows to satisfy any customer request We constantly search and test new technologies and processes in order to optimize processing and production. Customized production with high precision.Technological design and quality of the tools.Advice and products that accurately meet specific needs of customers.

SUPPORT The experience gained, technical knowledge, high technological have always been the core business of the company.